Tuscany's magnificent landscapes are filled with signs of human presence, memento of ancient cultures' passage, showing the great bond between human and nature. Following some nature trails it's possible to immerge in the still unspoilt nature while

looking at precious historical remains, an inheritance from ancient cultures. The Tuscan coast is a paradise for naturalists: colours and scents of the mediterranean scrub are the background of wonderful bays and inlets, hidden by majestic cliffs, and also of marvelous shores where, in the clearest days, it's possible to see the profile of the Tuscan archipelago, with Sardinia and Corsica on the horizon.



Full of hot springs, luxuriant flora and fauna, crystal clear streams and a very clear sea, Tuscany has many many attractions for naturalists: above all the numerous rare and peculiar plants that grow in the woods and meadows all around the area, we can't go on without mentioning the wide variety of spontaneous orchids, all the lilies and the wild croci, the majestic oaks, the centuries old olive trees and the immense pine forests. shy and coy local animals are to be found in these woods, like boars, fallow deers, turtles, hoopoes and wild goats. Many beautiful birds can be found in the numerous WWF oasis, like herons, flamingos, storks, hawks and many other species, endangered by the human presence. We cannot forget the wonders of the sea bottoms, in which many fishes have found their habitat, between the cliffs and meadows of Poseidonia, while offing it's not rare to see small and big cetaceans.


Nearby the agritourism it's possible to practice many different leisure and sport activities, from archery to equitation, from trekking to mountain bike. A few hundreds of meters away from the agritourism "il Tramonto" it's possible to find many paths entering the mediterreanean scrub.



Golf Club ToscanaGolf Club Toscana 

SaturniaTerme di Saturnia 

SaturniaTerme del Calidario 

VelaVela e Surf 


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Agritourism "Il Tramonto" is located in a perfect position, not only for the one who wants

to enjoy sea and nature, but also for the one who is interested in visiting the whole

Tuscany area. The structure is indeed situated in a practical position for heading to:




San GimignanoSan Gimignano

SuveretoSuvereto e Campiglia Marittima

ElbaIsola D'Elba


Massa M.Massa Marittima

Castiglion della PescaiaCastiglion della Pescaia




Rocca di ScarlinoLa Rocca di Scarlino